Better Life Cycle Map: Contitent Outline - Europe, Middle East, Africa
Cycle route: London to Cape Town

What started as a solo effort, freewheeled into a journey shared with many.

This is Dan's route, with a selection of his blogs, photos and charity work.

Also track Ken's path.

Contact - Dan Harrison
[email protected].

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Better Life Cycle

1,548 Days
12,500+ Miles
30 Countries
£40,000+ Raised
AUG 2009
A Flying Start You Can Do It Bends, Biker Bars, Borders & Balls Former Yugoslavia; Existing Wonder Albania: Bread, Salt & Heart Turkish Tales Trapped in Damascus End of the Damascene Dream Moving on: The Moments That Make It 2010 Pain in the Protest Life on the Nile Sudanese Swansong 2011 Entering Ethiopia The Year That Almost Killed Me 2012 Meeting the Masai The Zanzibar Paradox Enterprising in Africa 2013 Don't Mess With Monkey Almost too much Adventure Rwanda: Ghosts, Potatoes & Progress Burundi: Hairy Females & the MV Liemba Getting Schooled in Zambia The End of the Ride CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA
NOV 2013
Fundraising: Flickr Gallery London to Brussles: Flickr Gallery Italy, Dolomites, Bled & Slovenia: Flickr Gallery Montenegro: Flickr Gallery Starting the Library: Flickr Gallery Turkish Tales: Flickr Gallery Best of Damascus: Flickr Gallery Capoeira 4 Refugees: Flickr Gallery Jordan: Flickr Gallery Red Sea & Sinai: Flickr Gallery Cycling the Sahara: Flickr Gallery Sudan: Flickr Gallery Yenege Tesfa: Flickr Gallery Simien Mountains: Flickr Gallery Meeting the Masai: Flickr Gallery Zanzibar: Flickr Gallery Fahari: Flickr Gallery Life Beads Kenya: Flickr Gallery Walking with Chimps: Flickr Gallery Rwenzori Riders: Flickr Gallery Appleseed: Flickr Gallery ZamZimBots: Flickr Gallery The Garden Route, SA: Flickr Gallery Cape Town & The Cape of Good Hope: Flickr Gallery Better Life Cycle Projects Project 1: Bethany Children's Centre Project 2: Capoeira 4 Refugees Project 3: Yenege Tesfa Project 4: Fahari Zanzibar Project 5&6: Life Beads Kenya & Kajiji Cha Watoto Project 7&8: Lunch4Learning & School for Life Project 9: Reraneza Rwanda Project 10: Appleseed School UK flag France flag Belgium flag Luxembourg flag Germany flag Austria flag Italy flag Slovenia flag Croatia flag Bosnia & Herzegovina flag Montenegro flag Albania flag Macedonia flag Greece flag Turkey flag Syria flag Lebanon flag Jordan flag Egypt flag Sudan flag Ethiopia flag Kenya flag Tanzania flag Uganda flag Rwanda flag Burundi flag Zambia flag Zimbabwe flag Botswana flag South Africa flag