Bidna Capoeira - Damascus, Syria

Bidna Capoeira is a new NGO Dan helped to establish during a five month stay in Damascus.

"I reached Damascus in Syria expecting to stay five days. However I soon met an inspiring group of people changing the lives of local kids and a refugee camp community through capoeira, a game I love. UNICEF reported the success of the social projects giving the impetus and credibility to do more. From my experiences setting up the Better Life Cycle and with my former employer Celerant, I had some of the professional skills required to help them turn a sporting group into an NGO.

"Bidna Capoeira is now a registered charity in the UK and we are about to start our first major project teaching 480 children in refugee camps in the West Bank. We will use capoeira’s positive, playful energy combining sport and music to develop self-confidence, self-awareness, discipline, and respect for new cultures while playing and have fun. Capoeira gives an outlet to express anger and frustration in a safe and healthy way.

"In five years our mission is to have five sustainable programmes running, teaching over 15,000 kids. We focus on the communities hardest hit by their circumstances. The equality, respect and unified spirit of capoeira creates an environment that bring joy, renewed confidence and a lasting resolve to face whatever life throws at them.

"With the help of the team, in particular Tarek, Ummul, Issac and Rob, the future for Bidna Capoeira looks bright. I look forward to being involved for years to come and hopefully setting up projects on my way through Africa - first up: Ethiopia."

Find out more at www.BidnaCapoeira.org an awesome website that Dan and Ken built together while working in Ethiopia.

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