The Rider: Dan Harrison

A pessimist might dwell on the fact that Dan has no bike touring experience, no companion for the ride and has never been to Africa. However we're all optimists here, Dan included.

"Having been in a good job for the past few years, dare I say it, life was a little too easy. I was keen to seek a new challenge.

"The idea bolted into my mind early last year; after deliberating and researching for a few months. I came across a lecture at the RGS by Al Humphries. It was so inspiring I decided that I must do it. So I took the plunge, told my bosses and started planning.

"There's heaps of reasons for going; satisfying my social conscience and wanderlust - and doing something I'm really proud of... I won't deny it's been a good conversation piece too."

Dan has been in training for the past six months and recently ran the Paris Marathon. He leaves London on July 26th 2009 and is unsure when he'll return. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter

The Charity: Good Karma

Good Karma (Charity #1120564) was set up in 2007 after a chance meeting between a nun, a Buddhist and an entrepreneur - this may sound like the start to a bad joke but the reality couldn't be more different.

A team lead by Jonny Knowles drove to India, on the Good Karma Drive raising funds to build a new school in Dharamshala, India.

Unfortunately their site has just been taken offline although you watch this brilliant video.